Among Us

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The mechanics of Among Us

Participate in Among Us and this fierce battle for survival to complete the missions. You need to become the first to stay on the playing field to win.

All the characters in the game are put on a spaceship. You will control a character and join other players from many parts of the world. You need to complete your mission while watching out for other players. They can kill you at any time. So while on duty, you still need to pay attention to your surroundings. If you are the last person on this spaceship then you will win.

The game offers engaging gameplay. You can invite your friends to join this mortal battle. You can complete the task together. There will be many hours of entertainment if you join this game.

Complete some missions in Among Us

The missions of Creators

If you are one of the Creators, you need to complete your mission. You need to fix the problems that happened on the spaceship. Completing these missions will help you stay on the ship longer. In addition, you should not go alone. You can be killed by any Impostor you don't know. If you see any dead Creators, you must immediately Report to find the Impostor. If the Impostor is revealed, all the Creators will win. The task of a Creator is very simple. You can join now to understand more about the game.

The missions of Impostor

The number of Impostors in the game will be less than the number of Creators. If you are an Impostor, you need to destroy all Creators. You need to remove them undetected. If you are reported by another Creator, you lose immediately. So you can only destroy others wisely. Take advantage when they go alone to destroy.