Angry Gran Run

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Angry Gran Run starts your thrilling race to save the city by controlling an angry gran to jump over obstacles and navigate through intersections. Let's listen to the gran's laugh during your trip!

Story Of Angry Gran Run

Once upon a time in a bustling city, there lived a feisty and adventurous old lady named Granny. Granny had a reputation for being a bit eccentric and mischievous, but she was also known for her incredible energy and love for life. However, one day, Granny's peaceful routine was disrupted when a group of greedy developers arrived in her neighborhood, aiming to demolish her beloved park and build a massive shopping mall in its place.

Granny was furious when she learned about their plans. The park held countless memories for her, and she couldn't bear the thought of it being destroyed. Determined to save her cherished park, Granny decided to take matters into her own hands. She embarked on a wild adventure, vowing to stop the developers and protect her community.

As Granny ran through the city, she encountered various challenges and obstacles. She had to jump over obstacles, slide under wood bars, and navigate through intersections. Along the way, she collected coins and power-ups, which helped her in her quest to save the city.

In-Game Walkthrough

You will be responsible for controlling your main character to run through the endless streets of the city. Try to run as far as possible while avoiding obstacles along the way. There are many types of obstacles that range from high to low and they are placed in different positions. Therefore, your response to each obstacle is different.

Use the arrow keys to control the character such as sliding through high obstacles and jumping over low obstacles. Besides, don't forget to move left and right to keep angry gran safe as well as collect coins on your way.