Basketball Stars

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Three Modes in Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a remarkable sports simulation game. To become the champion, you need to get more scores than the opposing team before time is up.

You can choose from one of the modes below. Each mode will have different characteristics. It makes the game more interesting. Come on and experience it.

1 Player mode

If you choose this mode, you will join the independent game. You will fight opponents controlled by the computer. You still need to be careful to be able to defeat your opponent. In this mode, you can choose the matches. There are three different types of matches. These include Tournaments, Random matches, and Training matches. The Training match allows you to practice to be able to play the game more effectively. The remaining two matches are very interesting. You can join and experience it. Can you become a professional athlete in this game? Good luck.

2 Player mode

In this mode, you can join the game with another person. The two of you will control your players on the same device. You can choose from modes such as singles or doubles. You will control one character to defeat the opposing team or control an entire team with two characters. You will score more points if you can both defend and attack. You can also choose to fight the computer. As a result, the two of you will become a team. Fight together to defeat the opposing team. Are you ready to join these amazing matches?

Quick match mode

This mode will bring a fiery match. You do not need to select sub-modes. You will play against another opponent controlled by the computer. Your task is to score more points than your opponent. When the time runs out, you can win if you have higher scores. If you cannot do it, your team is an underdog. Winning matches will get you more medals. Accumulate them to assert your talent.

The controls and tricks to win Basketball Stars

Control the characters

Player 1:

WASD to move/jump.

XZV to slap/throw/dunk.

Player 2:

Arrows to move/jump.

KL = slap/throw/dunk.

Some tricks to get scores

The technique of throwing the ball on the spot is a difficult technique. However, you will score a lot of points if you can do this maneuver. You need to be short and throw the ball decisively. Quickly throw the ball into the basket and try not to lose the ball. This trick can save you time.

In addition, You need to pay attention to defense. Remember that you do not have too many chances to score. But you have to protect your basket. Do not give your opponent a chance to score. Concentration is the only way you can stop your opponent.

Finally, you should join the Training match. This match allows you to play without competing with anyone. You can play this match until you can become a master. It is suitable for you all. You can apply some tips to become the champion.