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Some information about Cuphead

The gameplay

Cuphead brings new gameplay along with many difficult challenges for you. You need to defeat the enemies to win by shooting or attacking them.

Welcome to the entertaining arcade game where you can fight with many kinds of enemies. Your character in this game is Cuphead. It will control a small plane because its opponents are birds. You will help your character control the plane and defeat the enemy.

Firstly, you will have to go control your plane. You can fly up and down. You have to keep your balance to not land. Try to always be in a position opposite your opponent.

Next, you need to dodge the opponent's bullets. Your opponent is the giant blue bird. It will not stop firing bullets towards you. You need to try to survive. In addition, it will also drop large eggs toward you. You are not allowed to collide with them for safety.

Finally, you can attack your opponent using guns. You will shoot bullets toward the opponent until it is defeated.


Use WASD or Arrow keys to move.

Press the Z key to parry.

Press the X key to shoot.

Press the C key to shrink.

Press the V key to EX move (requires at least 1 card).

Press the Q key to swap weapons.

Some game modes of Cuphead

  • Simple mode: This is a simple game mode for beginners. You will only meet one giant blue bird when you first start playing the game. If you can beat it. You will win.
  • Regular mode: The game will gradually increase the difficulty because after facing the big blue birds, you will beat many smaller birds. They appear and try to collide with you. So, let's avoid them.
  • Expert mode: The mode will increase the difficulty when you will face the big bird one more time. Can you complete your mission in this game mode?
  • Invisible Challenge mode: This mode is extremely difficult because you only fight big birds. They will appear at the same time and attack you. If you are a master, you can join it.