Flappy Bird

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Join the adventure of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird offers an outstanding adventure with an adorable bird. Tapping to fly as far as possible without colliding with the pillars is your responsibility.

Why don't you join this game? The game is developed by a Vietnamese indie game developer. It is known to be a highly addictive game.

Some challenges in the adventure

The game gives you a tough challenge. It is not as straightforward as you might imagine. In the game, you will control a baby bird to fly over as many pillars as possible. It seems that the bird has not really mastered flying. So, it causes a lot of problems. You need to try to control your character to fly further. You will get an extra score if you pass the pillars.

You can only adjust the height of the bird to get over the pillars. Therefore, a lot of difficult things happened. You may not be able to fully control the height of the bird in flight because it depends on your skill. If you do not really master the game, you will not be able to help the bird fly further.

Furthermore, the pillars will be lined up symmetrically, which creates small gaps. The safe space will gradually narrow. The game requires your ingenuity and seriousness. You will not be able to go over the gaps if you do not concentrate on them.

How to fly

Hold the left mouse button to fly up.

Release the left mouse button to fly down.

Some highlights of Flappy Bird

The simple graphics and sounds

The game has pretty simple graphics. There are not too many fancy details in the game. The game colors are also harmonious and eye-catching. It creates a fun game for everyone. You can join and experience it. Game graphics will make you enjoy it. Besides, the sound of the game is also minimalist. It only has the flapping of the bird's wings and the sound of colliding with the pillars. It helps you focus on the game better.

The increasing difficulty of the game

The difficulty of the game will increase gradually. You have to get used to the pace of the game. The different heights of the pillars will cause great challenges in flight. So your character can lose his life at any time. In addition, adjusting the altitude when flying is also very difficult. You will fail quite a few times before becoming a master.

Why does the game attract many players?

It could not be denied that the game gives everyone a very interesting experience. It creates extremely thrilling flight lessons for the little bird. You will be thrilled to fly over the pillars. You may also feel frustrated at not being able to fly further. However, the emotional elements have made the game become attractive to many people. The motivation to conquer the highest score made them join the game. You can also play the game now. Train your skills many times with this game.