Getting Over It

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Getting Over It is a climbing game that requires ingenuity to play, Your task is to help the character Diogenes, climb a mountain with just a hammer.

Introduction Getting Over It

The use of physics in video games

Your character's motions and interactions with the environment in Getting Over It are affected by real-world physics. This provides an extra dimension of effort as you need to control your swings and movements carefully to prevent your character from slipping or falling.

Mastering the hammer

Your main weapon is a hammer, which you use to smash through walls to reach new heights. You may control the hammer's swing, including its force and direction, by clicking and holding the mouse button. To advance in the game, you must master the art of using the hammer.

Overcoming obstacles

There are many things in the mountain that can get in your way, from boulders to ledges to man-made structures. You'll need to use your hammer as a tool of strategy to locate the best angles of approach and the proper amount of force to overcome these challenges and advance.

Persistence and patience

Getting Over It's well-known for being challenging and possibly frustrating because of it. It calls for a lot of tenacity, tolerance, and acceptance of setbacks. There will be many slips and slides down the mountain, but you must persevere. A failure is a stepping stone to mastery and growth.

Your mission in the game Getting Over It?

Your goal overcome perilous obstacles and make your way across the dangerous ground to reach the peak. As you take charge of Diogenes and swing the hammer, you'll need to be exact in your motions and rely on the game's realistic physical mechanics if you want to reach the highest levels. Narrow ledges, steep slopes, and challenging jumps are just some of the challenges that await you. To succeed, you'll need to think carefully and use the game's mechanics to your advantage as you face off against various challenges. The goal is to keep playing even though it's difficult and to gain experience from your mistakes. Every setback is a chance to hone your skills and gain deeper insight into the game. Keeping a cheerful attitude, welcoming the difficulty, and persevering to the top are all crucial.

How to control

Use the mouse.