Little Big Snake

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About Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake is a massively multiplayer online game that takes you into the world of Ambrosia, where you must compete with other players for survival.

Build strategy in the game Little Big Snake

Growth and Food Management:

Your snake's size plays a vital role in the game. Eating food is essential for growth, but it's important to manage your consumption wisely. Avoid reckless eating, as a larger snake becomes a more appealing target for other players. Instead, focus on consuming enough food to maintain a competitive size while staying agile and maneuverable.

Awareness and Observation:

Keep a keen eye on your surroundings. Be aware of other snakes, obstacles, and potential threats. Observing the movements and behaviors of other players can help you anticipate their actions and plan your own accordingly. Stay vigilant and adapt your strategy as the game progresses.

Tail Biting and Trapping:

One effective strategy is to utilize tail-biting and trapping techniques. When a snake bites its tail, it creates a circular wall that can trap other players inside. Use this strategy strategically and opportunistically to capture opponents or cut off their escape routes.

Teamwork and Cooperation:

Little Big Snake offers a team play mode where you can join forces with other players. Cooperation and communication with your team members can be advantageous. Coordinate your movements, share food, and support each other to dominate the game. Working together can help you overcome challenges and increase your chances of success.

Power-ups and Special Abilities:

Make use of power-ups and special abilities to gain an edge over your opponents. These abilities can augment your snake's attributes, such as speed, defense, or attack strength. Strategically collect and utilize these power-ups to enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of survival.

Map Awareness and Navigation:

Familiarize yourself with the game map. Understand the areas of high food concentration, safe zones, and potential danger zones. Plan your movements accordingly to maximize food collection while minimizing risks. Additionally, be mindful of the map's boundaries to avoid getting trapped or cut off by other snakes.

Defensive and Offensive Tactics:

Adapt your strategy based on the situation. If you're vulnerable, focus on defensive tactics such as staying near walls or obstacles, utilizing shields, and evading confrontations. On the other hand, if you're in a strong position, you can adopt an aggressive approach by actively seeking out opponents, encircling them, and using offensive maneuvers.

Some items in the game Little Big Snake


The most important thing in Little Big Snake is food. It's all over the game world, and you can eat it to make your snake grow. By eating, your snake will grow bigger, making you stronger and letting you take on bigger tasks.

Boost Speed:

Speed Boost things look like orbs that glow. If you eat one of these orbs, your snake will move faster for a short time, making it easier to move quickly and avoid obstacles or enemies. Speed Boosts can be a great way to get an edge when the game is tough.


Shields protect your snake for a short time. When you get a shield item, it will form a barrier around your snake that will protect it from other snakes or obstacles and take any damage they causes. Shields can help you stay alive and give you an advantage in fights.


Power-ups are special things that give your snake new skills. These skills can be different, like making you stronger, better at defending yourself, or better at moving around. Power-ups can change the way you play a lot and give you strategic benefits.


Gems are very expensive items that you can find in the game. You can unlock and improve different snake skins by collecting gems. These skins change how your snake looks and can be a fun way to make your game experience more unique.


Artifacts are rare, powerful things that can help your snake in a big way. These items can improve things like speed, size, and attack power. Most of the time, you get an artifact by participating in a special event or completing a certain goal in the game.

How to control

Use your mouse to play.