Moto X3M

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About Moto X3M

Moto X3M is an exciting racing game, you will have to control a motorcycle to overcome difficult challenges and try to reach the finish line.

How to play

Your top priority should be finishing the race without getting hurt. It would be much more ideal if you could accomplish it quickly. Jump on your stunt bike and see if you can overcome all of the crazy obstacles in your way. Prepare for a wild trip across 22 insane beach-themed tracks by buckling your helmet securely and revving your engines.

Go for a high-speed hill sprint and some impressive flips in the air. Fast times at the finish line are worth up to three stars for each course. You may buy new motorcycles with these stars. There are a few simple flips and not too many lethal traps in the early tracks, but as you go the challenges grow increasingly outlandish.

Tips and Tricks Moto X3m

  • Using your stunt skills, you must race to the end zone as fast as you can.
  • Balance and steer the motocross bike with the left and right arrow keys.
  • Tap the up arrow at regular intervals to activate boosts and get greater velocity.
  • Flips and nitro boosts are activated by leaning backward or forwards.
  • Flips must be timed perfectly to avoid crashing.
  • Steer around rocks, logs, and gaps to avoid collision.
  • High scores are awarded for tricks performed off ramps.
  • During your run, pick up fuel pickups to maintain your nitro bar full.
  • Improve your bike's speed, handling, and power with upgrades between races.
  • Desert, snow, and jungle are just some of the options available to you.
  • Play through levels multiple times to learn the best tricks and find the quickest path.
  • Don't abuse the boost; doing so can cause you to lose control.


  • 25 levels with excellent replayability
  • Different problems and difficulties
  • Get more points for wasting less time.
  • Buy brand new motorcycles with your gold.


Use the arrow key.