Ninja Plumber

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Ninja Plumber is a classic 2D game based on the popular Super Mario series in which you must help a ninja plumber fix pipes and defeat enemies.

The playing rules of Ninja Plumber

You play the part of a ninja plumber who must repair broken pipes and free captive animals from various structures. This mash-up of positions encourages fanciful make-believe. To save the pet and advance to the next level, you must solve a unique pipe challenge. Various pipe sections and instruments are available for your solution assembly. This affords the chance for speculative reasoning, trial and error, and incremental progress.

You'll need to use your best "ninja" skills to navigate the building without causing any trouble. The game's innovative and creative qualities are boosted by the role-playing component.

Some useful strategies to beat Ninja Plumber

To avoid getting hit by enemies and to jump accurately, you'll need to time your jumps and movements correctly. Start with the easier levels and work your way up to the harder ones to get better over time.

Your sneaky plumber has a wrench and a plunger, among other tools, in his or her kit. Use these tools in a smart way to fix pipes and beat your enemies.

Some parts of Ninja Plumber levels are hidden, but you can find them by looking around and trying things. Look for routes and places that aren't obvious to find new challenges and rewards.

Your ninja plumber has a health bar that goes down when enemies or objects hit him or her. Watch your health and use health power-ups to keep playing.


  • Arrows = move/crouch
  • Z = jump
  • X = throw shuriken