Only Up

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Only Up is a 3D platformer that requires quick reflexes and you have to try to climb as high as possible and overcome challenges to conquer the sky.

About Only Up

As the player goes up in the game, the hurdles get harder and harder, requiring quick reactions and good timing. Combo points can help a player's score if they jump at the right time and use power-ups. If a player falls or hits a barrier, the game is over and the player can try again. On the game's high-score leaderboard, players can compare their scores to those of other people and see where they stand in the world rankings.

The gameplay

For stability, you have to carefully balance each new piece, just like you have to balance freedom and structure, or yin and yang, in life. Too much of either one brings down the building.

Individual blocks don't do much on their own; they only make sense when they're part of the whole rising system. Just as we find meaning in our relationships with other people.

Each building is temporary and will finally fall. But as it rises, players learn things that will help them in future builds. Buildings go up and down, but awareness stays the same.

The story behind the game Only Up

You are Jackie, and you are doing everything you can to get out of the streets where you live. From there, the game is like the story of Jack and the Magic Bean Tree, where you try to climb as high as you can.

Jackie will have to learn that the only way to get to a new place is to take a risk and jump, even if you don't know what will happen next. A brave man doesn't have any goals. He just has the way, stoicism, patience, and strong will to get to the top, but you never know what's up there.

Only Up Game

Only Up Game provides many skins for you to choose to try your hand at. The gameplay is simple, yet addictive and fast-paced. The only direction that is allowed is up, which shows that growth and success require going up. Players must add to what they've already done in a way that keeps getting better.

How to play

Move - WASD

Jump - Space

Pause - P Restart