Run 3

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Run 3 brings you to space trips through an endless tunnel to challenge your controlling abilities. Let's control your character to jump over all platforms!

This online game is familiar to fans of online games, especially the running genre. Since its release, the game received much love from players thanks to its thrilling gameplay and various features, especially its alien character design. Now, let’s search together about the key features of Run 3.

Thrilling Gameplay In Run 3

As you can know, this running game requires you to run in a tunnel that is built from various platforms. These platforms come in a wide variety of sizes and functions. You can jump onto safe platforms while dangerous ones are also available along the way. Dangerous platforms will collapse as soon as you touch them, so be careful when entering these platforms.

Besides, the distance between platforms is not the same because they can be placed close together or far apart. Therefore, in each situation, you need to make the right decisions to conquer the challenges. For example, you can run seamlessly across platforms that are located next to each other. However, when they are placed far apart, you should use your jumping ability or rotate the tunnel to move.

Significant Characters

In Run 3, your character has various skins and each skin is corresponding to 1 character. Below, you can follow 2 of the most remarkable characters.

  • The Skater: The Skater alien is a nimble and gravity-defying creature. It has a sleek and streamlined body, with elongated limbs and a vibrant, futuristic suit. This alien is known for its impressive speed and agility, effortlessly gliding across platforms and performing gravity-defying tricks.
  • The Runner: The Runner alien is a small, energetic creature with a round body and multiple legs. It scurries along the tunnels with remarkable speed, relying on its quick reflexes and nimble movements to navigate the complex terrain. The Runner alien is characterized by its tireless endurance and ability to adapt to various obstacles.