Skiing Fred

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About Skiing Fred

Skiing Fred is a fun skiing game with lots of fun challenges. Your task is to control the character through the snowy road and collect items along the way.

In the game Skiing Fred will hurl various obstacles, such as trees, rocks, and dangerous creatures, at you. Swipe left or right to avoid these obstacles and ensure Fred's safety.

Missions in the game Skiing Fred

You will encounter power-ups throughout the game that can help you survive longer and obtain a higher score. These bonuses may include speed increases, shields, and score multipliers. Be careful to gather them whenever possible. You can execute tricks in Skiing Fred to earn additional points and impress your friends. Swipe up or down on the display to perform acrobatics in mid-air. Experiment with various combinations in order to discover distinct strategies and maximize your score.

Fred's health gauge depletes when he collides with obstacles or falls off cliffs. Monitor his health and gather health-restoring items to restore it. Skiing Fred provides missions and challenges with additional goals and rewards. By completing these tasks, new characters, costumes, and other intriguing features can be unlocked.


Space - Jump/turbo speed

Arrow keys - Move