Test your Brain: Tricky Stories

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Test your Brain: Tricky Stories challenge your reasoning and solving ability to react appropriately with 5+ stories with many ironic situations.

In this particular game, 5 levels include Fitness with Cindy, Prison Escape, Agent Smith, The McBrain Family, and Monster Hunter Joe. To better understand the game, let's take a look at the two most prominent levels.

Fitness with Cindy Level

In this game, the first level will bring you to the main character, Cindy, a fat girl with the desire to lose weight. She always wanted to be a beautiful girl with a slim body. To help fulfill her dream, follow the game's requirements to get Cindy to exercise more and become slim.

For example, the first task is to help her get a pack of chips on a high shelf that she can't reach. In this situation, you need to use your bike to crash the shelf so that the chip pack will fall. After that, try to stop her from taking the elevator and encourage her to take the stairs. These two activities will help Cindy move and expend energy. As a result, Cindy can lose weight and you can clearly see it after completing each task. There are many more next missions waiting for you to explore and complete!

Prison Escape Level

In Test your Brain: Tricky Stories, Prison Escape is the second level with 20 different challenges. Coming to this level, you need to take pictures of the prisoner and protect him from the thugs in the prison. After that, other tasks will continuously appear to solve special situations and help the prisoner escape from this dangerous place. Don't forget that 20 mini quests are waiting for you and other levels also have the same number of quests.

Besides, each level rewards you with light bulbs after each success. These bulbs can be used to buy hints or skip a mini-quest. The price of the hint is 20 bulbs, and the bypass function is 40 bulbs. Also, don't forget to read the requirements of each task to do it correctly.