Tiny Fishing

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Tiny Fishing fulfills your fishing dreams with a variety of fish, hooks, and upgrades. Take advantage of these items to earn as much money as possible.

When participating in this entertaining game, all players want to catch fish and win the most prizes. To achieve this goal, you just need to slide your mouse and your fishing rod will do the rest. However, during the game, you need to pay attention to two factors: hook and upgrade.

All Hooks In Tiny Fishing Game

Welcome to a popular online game, called Tiny Fishing where players use a fishing rod to catch fish. In the game, players can unlock and use different types of hooks to catch fish, each with their own unique appearance.

For example, your default hook has a regular shape with 1 sharp end facing up. The second hook helps you to double your output when there are two sharp ends on either side. The number of fish caught will increase thanks to this unique design. In addition, other hooks may also have one or two pointed tips and different accessories. These accessories will make your hook more beautiful and unique. In particular, expensive hooks will help you catch fish more easily.

3 Remarkable Upgrades

In Tiny Fishing, there are 3 elements for you to upgrade your fishing rod. First, you can increase the amount of fish you catch each time. Second, you can increase the length of the rod to reach deeper seas. Finally, you can unlock the offline fishing function. This function allows you to earn income even without playing the game.

All 3 of these upgrades bring you many benefits. For example, increasing the number of fish will help you catch more fish. In particular, by increasing the length of the fishing rod, you can catch valuable fish that only appear in the deep sea.