Trap The Cat

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Introduction Trap the Cat

Trap the Cat is an engaging and brain-challenging puzzle game. Your task is to find a way to build a wall around to prevent the cat from escaping.

Your mission in the game Trap the Cat

Your goal is to outwit the crafty feline and corner it within the playing area. To avoid being caught, the cat may move in any direction across the board, both horizontally and vertically. Your mission is to confine the cat to a small area by carefully placing walls and other barriers.

In order to complete your job, you must think forward to the cat's possible movements. At the beginning of each turn, you have the option of constructing a wall to limit the cat's movement. The difficulty comes from figuring out how to construct a walled-in area from which the cat can't possibly escape.

Notes you should know when playing

Cats are clever and will always strive to outwit their owners. To escape being cornered, it will assess the situation and act accordingly. To properly confine the cat, you must always be one step ahead of it by considering many moves ahead of its next action.

Remember that you can only use a certain number of walls or other hurdles, so you must plan how to use them. You may need to give up a wall in order to make a trap that works better later in the game.


Use the mouse.