Only Up Game

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Only Up Game is the hottest parkour game now that takes you to a world in the sky. Transform into Jackie and climb as high as possible to explore this world.

Only Up

As you know, Only Up is now a platformer game that is viral on many social platforms. With engaging gameplay and an excellent map, this game attracts many players in the gaming community as well as streamers from all over the world. Why is this platformer game so successful? Let's explore the secrets behind the virality of this interesting game.

The game was developed by SCKR Games. It was initially released on May 24, 2023. After being released, this game quickly became popular in the gaming community. It is one of the best-selling and best-streaming games on all gaming platforms. Now, it is available on our web browser. Therefore, you can use your PC to play it online without downloading it.

The story behind Only Up Game

The inspiration source of this game is the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk. This fairytale is about Jack who climbs on a giant beanstalk to reach the giant's castle. However, this game is set in the modern time. The protagonist is a little boy named Jackie who is keen on traveling and parkour. He lived in a world of poverty on the ground. His world is covered by darkness and fog and the buildings are ruined. His mom often tells him about the beauty of the world in the sky. One day, he wants to climb into the world in the sky to explore and learn many things. Therefore, he grabs his bag and heads off on his journey now.

Addictive gameplay of Only Up Game

An exciting adventure of Jackie

In this game, you will play as Jackie. To discover the world in the sky, you need to climb on different platforms. These platforms can be cars, trains, buildings, money, clouds, cards, trees, factories, water pipes, and so on. This is an opportunity for you to show off your parkour techniques. Let's jump as high as possible and land on other platforms safely. Note that if you fall off the platforms, you will return to your poverty world on the ground. Then, you must start your journey again. Therefore, you must be careful at all times if you do not want to waste your efforts. Moreover, this game will not offer you a map. You must utilize your navigation skill to prevent getting lost. I advise you to look around carefully before jumping onto any platform. Make sure that you are going the right way. Your objective is to reach the end of the world in the sky.

How to control

Press the Spacebar to jump.

Press the left-right arrow keys to move left or right.

Pro tactics to beat Only Up Game

The journey in this game looks fantastic and simple. However, actually, it is really challenging and full of dangers. You can fail hundreds of times, which makes you mad. Therefore, I want to recommend some useful strategies that can help you go further in the sky world.

Look around carefully

The first tip you should remember is to look around carefully. Because you have no map, you should look around to find the right way to avoid getting lost. Moreover, You should look carefully at the platforms that you want to jump onto. Then, plan your next moves in advance to avoid falling off the platform. Finally, some objects are transparent. As a result, you should look carefully to know where you should jump onto.

Patience is the key

It is undeniable that this platformer video game is the test of your patience. You should not jump from one platform to another quickly because it can make you fall off them. Instead, you must be patient and plan your jumps carefully before committing them. Furthermore, you can fail hundreds of times when playing this game. However, do not give up and start your voyage again.

Try to land on nearby platforms when falling

When you unexpectedly fall off the platforms, don't wait to land on the ground. Instead, you should fly to the left or right to cling to the nearby objects. This saves you from starting your journey again. In addition, this will help you reach the end of the sky world faster.

Explore an awesome map of Only Up Game

The most remarkable thing about this game is its game map. After playing this game, l should applaud the creativity of the developer. The game map is designed based on many topics such as social classes, legendary worlds, cultures, and so on. Therefore, you can be overwhelmed with the wonder of the world in the sky that SCKR Games created. I would like to classify the map in this game into 8 floors.

The map in the game

  • The floor of the working class: The first floor is full of water pipes and factories.
  • The floor of the middle class: This floor is full of apartments and plants.
  • The floor of the upper class: When reaching this floor, you can see many cash, cards, luxury villas, and rich people.
  • The Paradise: If you can reach Paradise, you will explore the Garden of Eden and the Jesus Christ Statue and meet a flying turtle and legendary objects.
  • Asia countries: If you climb higher, you will get a chance to discover Asian countries. In these countries, you can see the structures, food, and drinks of Asian countries.
  • The infinity world: Next, you will enter an infinity world. There is nothing in this world. Just run forward until you see an exit door.
  • The chaotic world: This world is full of objects such as books, apples, flags of different countries, a giant mushroom, Easter Eggs, and even the Beanstalk in the fairytale.
  • The Outer Space: In outer space, you will see a space station, a spaceship, and an astronaut.

The ending of Only Up Game

At the end of the journey, you will reach a space station. In this place, you will meet an astronaut who encourages you to control your life and do everything you want. After that, you will get into the cockpit of the spaceship and drive it to fly away. It may be the beginning of another more exciting adventure on other planets in the universe. This meaningful ending will touch your heart deeply.

In a nutshell, the keys to the success of this game are captivating gameplay, eye-catching 3D visuals, and relaxing sound effects. Additionally, the level of difficulty of the game rises gradually, which will not make newbies overwhelmed. It is possible to say that this is a must-try platformer video game in 2023. Check it out if you have free time.