Tile Guru: Match Fun

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About Tile Guru: Match Fun

Tile Guru: Match Fun is an interesting puzzle game with many different changes from regular puzzles. You must overcome many different challenging levels.

How to play

The objective of the game is to erase the board by matching at least three identical objects. Look for tiles that are adjacent to one another and form a horizontal or vertical straight line. To create a match, tap or click a tile and then touch or click an adjacent tile of the same type. The matched tiles will vanish, and new tiles will descend from above to fill the voids. You can commence from the beginning or continue from where you left off, as the game offers a variety of levels with increasing difficulty.

Pass levels easily in the tile game Guru: Match Fun

As you advance through the levels, you may encounter obstacles or challenges that require strategic thought and planning to surmount. Throughout the course of the game, you may encounter special power-ups or enhancements that enable you to clear tiles more quickly. Utilize these power-ups strategically to maximize your score and level advancement. Aim for high scores by removing tiles efficiently and quickly. The higher your score will be, the quicker you clear the board. Compete with friends and other players for the top position on the leaderboard by attempting to break your own personal records.


Use the mouse.